We proudly manufacture jerseys and jersey accessories, with unique traditional production, exclusively Made in Italy, namely in Tuscany.
The main purpose and the deepest essence of Cerretelli aim to lead our Valued Customer to be educated and appreciate all those antique craft knowledges, that enrich the Tuscan territory. Thanks to qualified and special artisans, who are not only able to knit, but also to finely embroider and realize sophisticated applications, we are able to shape and keep alive a superior level of know-how and vocational expression.

On the basis of these premises, we feel that the challenge we are facing today is to be bale to offer a product, that holds tradition and history, as well as innovation and originality, to a market that is dominated by frantic times and mutability of taste, shapes and materials.

The expression of an emotion can only be pure simplicity, inspired by women, for women.

Simplicity and tradition.
Italian product